ANA Building Group specialises in bringing unlimited imagination to small allotment blocks, building in unique architectural details that stretch the boundaries of space and fulfil your vision for the custom home of your dreams.

Luxury homes are in the detail. The highest quality finishes are incorporated into your design - within your budget - to ensure the customised look you desire.  Our narrow lot houses and small lot homes take advantage of every millimetre of space, creating compelling architecture from these restrictions.

At ANA Building Group, the design process begins with you.  We start by listening carefully to your needs and desires for your new home, house renovation or addition.  Once your overall needs are identified, we interpret them into a finished home that serves as an inspiring and integral part of your life.     ...Read More

Small Lots | Big Solutions

We believe the best solutions lie in “limitations.”  The more restrictive the conditions, the deeper one must go to find the unique special ingredient within the problem at hand.  The concept begins with the client’s vision.  Then we look for more.  Is there inspiration in the colour of the soil or the intensity of the light?  Is the goal to embrace the view?

Throughout our building process, we refuse to accept the illusion of limitations, and we move beyond them through exploration, determination and commitment. Our work is really about an uncompromising, vigorous pursuit of a pure idea or vision, and then an equally committed delivery of that vision into reality.

What follows is the challenge of execution while staying true to a single idea as we confront the limitations of time, resources and circumstance. Each project brings new ideas and new challenges. Limitless possibility is continuously developing, broadening and rising and is the ultimate goal and purpose of the ANA Building Group team.

Big Ideas | Small Details

At ANA Building Group, we like to control all aspects of the project. When you walk into a completed project, there should be no surprises. This makes us a unique Queensland home builder, since not many firms deal with every single detail. The attention to detail -- every detail -- is important.

No matter how large or small, each new house or home renovation is pursued with passion and excitement. We love what we do and it shows in the originality and quality of the finished projects.

Our thoughts are not limited; this allows everyone to be a pioneer in their individual contributions. There is a clarity and honesty in our work; all the details have been thought through.

For ANA Building Group, being one of Brisbane’s most discerning luxury home builders is a process, a milestone, a journey that continues to lead us beyond the expected.  It is the patient search for inspiration.  We look for the moment when a powerful idea influences the creation of your new home or renovation.  When the idea and the execution align, the human experience is unforgettable. Read Less